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Wireless networks need wire too

Service providers wax lyrical about the provision of a robust wireless network, however what needs to be acknowledged is that at the core of an enterprise grade wireless environment there will be an extensive wired network in either copper and or fibre.

Even after all of the significant advances made in wireless and P2P technology, wired connectivity is still favoured by much of the industry.

Pylon One has significant experience in the design and commissioning of significant wired environments.

Event Core

The core of any network is crucial. Consideration must be paid to the particular and unique requirements of the event and LAN [Local area network] speeds. If designed incorrectly the integrity of the entire network could be compromised.

The event network is designed for resilience and performance using Cisco as the preferred vendor in an n+1 style topology. This gives event organisers confidence that the network will not be a problem or cause issues for their event.

We are accustomed to working with existing venue infrastructures, where this is possible, or can deploy a full site installation using copper or fibre cabling as appropriate for both the event and for potential long-term venue use.

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