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After spending a year researching high speed impact for the MOD at Oxford University, Stewart joined TASCO in 1982, specialising in the then innovative area of moving lights.

Realising the IT requirements of modern events were becoming an integral part of delivering a new level of support both for production and the end user worldwide, Stewart set up SP Data Services Ltd, (Data Design Service) in 2002. He focused on providing database and IT solutions for the events industry, while still continuing his love of lighting in both event and architectural fields.

Whilst working alongside Pylon One in the early years it became apparent that both their passions and goals were closely aligned. Stewart joined Pylon One in 2013, bringing over 30 years of experience with him.

As a business owner, Stewart fully understands the need for excellent customer care and service. He knows that delivering successful events relies heavily on understanding the client's aims. A broad understanding of the event as a whole is key to achieving this.

Stewart's current role within Pylon One is totally focused on the design and provision of innovative and robust communications systems that meet and or exceed the client's expectations. He understands the events industry and is fully appreciative of the strains and stresses that our industry places on production companies, production managers and event organisers.

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