Technology Broadband Internet communications service options

Pylon One enjoy relationships with many "tier one" ISPs.

Detailed below are some of the options available to the events industry.

Broadband over local copper cabling (ADSL, SDSL, EFM, FTTC)

The above services and potential availability will be determined by geographical location and capacity within the local exchange and or DP.

Bonded connectivity

In situations where high bandwidth is required but it is not possible to achieve this from any single service, we can bond disparate services together.

For example, it is possible to bond multiple 4G connections from various mobile carriers such as Vodafone, o2, EE. If the circumstances allow we can not only bond multiple 4G connections, but also add into the mix, ADSL and even satellite. This is particularly beneficial when it is important to build redundancy into a design and not only to add some additional bandwidth.

Wimax solutions

For situations where high speed connectivity is required and the lead times are too long for the traditional cabled services, then a wireless "Point 2 Point" solution could be the answer.

Pylon One has relationships with a number of such providers.

We are able to deliver speeds of up to 500mbps both download and upload, although this is dependent on location and requires a clear line of site. Therefore this type of provision would be subject to site survey.

Cellular services (4G, 3G)

For events in highly populated areas where there may be a requirement for connectivity at very short notice, or delivering a cabled solution may be an issue, the best solution may be 4G or bonded 4G.

Fibre connectivity

Where there is a stated requirement for a reliable, uncontended, synchronous, high speed internet connection we would always consider fibre in the first instance.

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