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The demand for robust and effective wireless networks is increasing at an exponential rate. Whilst this is excellent news, it brings its own challenges.

If a wireless network is poorly designed and poorly delivered, the user experience will be poor and the integrity of the event can be compromised.

Pylon One are regularly asked to design and deliver enterprise grade, site wide, robust wireless infrastructures for high profile temporary events that need to cater for many thousands of concurrent users/devices.

We are acutely aware of the importance of designing a wireless network to meet the specific needs of an event, taking into account elements such as the venue, the audience and the expected bandwidth requirements. Using industry-standard tools we can model the predicted performance of the network to make sure it meets all of the technical requirements and then install the network in the knowledge that it will meet the needs of the event.

Whilst we favour two of the world's leading vendors of wireless architecture, we remain manufacturer agnostic, therefore ensuring that we give ourselves the luxury of considering each wireless requirement on its merits and providing the best fit for all parties.

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