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Delivering broadband connectivity with Satellite

Satellite is not a preferred option when building a robust communications service for an event, however in situations where we cannot deliver a cabled broadband solution because of geographical/capacity challenges or we are presented with a very short lead time then satellite may become the only viable option.

A ground mount satellite system can be set up by one engineer within one hour.

In recent times there have been significant improvements in the speeds experienced when using a satellite environment.

There are a range of options available. With a typical installation, we can see speeds of upto 18mbps down and upto 6mbps up.

We use the words "up to" advisedly as it is very important to note that the upload and download speeds are not guaranteed as the broadband service is contended.

It is important to be aware that for this type of connection there is a greatly increased latency over ground-based solutions and this may make satellite inappropriate for certain uses.

There is now an "uncontended synchronous" option where a dedicated inroute can be provided.

This option can be purchased and booked in advance by the hour.

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